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Our Mission

A bridge between theory and practice

Quaderni di management is a new management review addressed to anyone (managers, consultants, academics) interested in deepening his/her knowledge about management, in a critical way and with a focus on innovative and “leading edge” subjects. The main topics are company organization and management, both for private and state-owned, industrial and service firms.

The review is born with the purpose to "fill in the gap" between purely theoretical and merely technical papers. The added value we would like to propose to our readers is therefore:
* to talk about "state-of-the-art" management theories, methodologies, experiences;
* to connect these ones with the real day-to-day activities, in order to make the reader understand their practical implications;
* to critically analyse tools and cases, avoiding simplistic enthusiasms and trying on the contrary to understand pros and cons;
* to use a simple language.

Example of this editorial strategy are the already published focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility, on Business Intelligence, on Supply Chain Events Management, as well as the interviews with managers working with modern organizations such as Oticon or STMicroelectronics, or the international articles (from USA as well as from Europe).

To get this objectives, the review has two outstanding committees: the Scientific Committee, with academics, that has the task to guarantee up-dated and professional subjects, and the Editorial Board, with managers and consultants, that has the task to focus the attention on subjects the firms are really interested in.


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